Tunisia Presidential Elections 2019

This info pack sheds light on the current election climate in Tunisia, how Tunisia has developed in the last 8 years since the overthrow of longtime president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who the main candidates running are and why the political system remains polarised.

On July 25th 2019, the death of Tunisia’s first democratically elected President, Beji Caïd Essebsi, following the uprising of 2011, was announced. Unlike many of Tunisia’s counterparts which took part in the so-called Arab Spring, Tunisia has often been hailed as one of the success stories for its transition to democracy following 22 years of authoritarianism under Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Instead of Essebsi’s passing descending the country into the throes of chaos, Tunisia has instead remained true to its path of democracy and its constitution by bringing forward the date of presidential elections from November 17 to 15 September.

Access the full info pack here: https://researchcentre.trtworld.com/publications/info-packs/tunisia-presidential-elections-2019



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