‘Madame Maya’: Supposed hidden daughter of Bouteflika loses appeal against jail sentence

Kilos of gold jewellery

Nachinache had been arrested along with her two daughters in July 2019 and had 12 billion Algerian dinars ($909,000), euros 270,000 ($328,000), 17kg of gold jewellery and several travel documents confiscated by investigators at her Moretti home in the west of Algiers.

Special treatment

Previous reports in the Algerian daily El Watan indicated how Nachinache’s rise to the ranks of the presidential circle may also be owed to the fact that Bouteflika knew her father, who was a veteran of the War of Independence.

Securing power

Algeria’s crackdown on figures from the Bouteflika era, initially led by the army’s late chief of staff, Ahmed Gaid Salah, following Bouteflika’s departure in April 2019, and since carried out by current President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, is seen by observers as less about justice and more about political clan in-fighting, as each side attempts to gain a hold of the country’s seat of power.



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