A breakdown of Algeria’s new constitution

What are the proposals for a revised constitution?

The document submitted contains 73 recommendations, divided into six main areas. These include “strengthening the separation of powers” concerning the prerogatives of the president, the head of government and parliament, the judiciary, and the fight against corruption.

Why is the date of 1 November significant?

Algeria’s war of independence against French colonial rule was declared on 1 November 1954 with the proclamation of the “restoration of the sovereign Algerian state” and “democratic and social rights within the framework of Islamic principles”, as well as political pluralism and fundamental freedoms.

Key changes to Algeria’s constitution over the years

Algeria has had a number of constitutional amendments. However, many of the reforms have met with criticism due to disparities between what was proposed and what ended up being implemented in terms of challenging long-standing social and political stagnation.

The Hirak

The day after Tebboune’s election on 12 December 2019, the president expressed his desire to reach out to the Hirak — and promised a “profound” revision of the constitution, with a “new republic”.

What the experts say:

• Dr Isabelle Werenfels, senior fellow at the German Institute for International and Security affairs



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Yasmina Allouche

Yasmina Allouche


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