This article was published on Middle East Eye

A banner depicting brothers Ademos and N.O.S (Tarik and Nabil Andrieu) of the rap group PNL, set up on a building where they spent part of their adolescence, in Ivry-sur-Seine on the outskirts of Paris (AFP/Lionel Bonaventure)

The camera floats haltingly down a graffiti-marked alley in the direction of a rundown Paris apartment, its front balcony lined with clothes left out to dry.

An abrupt pan to the left reveals an entangled mess of concrete blocking out the sun, as if only reluctantly allowing its light in.

The shot lingers just long enough to convey a momentary feeling of entrapment, before cutting to the title screen, which reads Le Monde Ou Rien, “the world or nothing”.

Enter Ademo and N.O.S, stage names for brothers Tarik and Nabil Andrieu…

Yasmina Allouche

Researcher/Journalist specialising in North Africa | Focus on Algeria |

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